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Zodiac Casino is a Microgaming software powered casino site that offers players a huge range of Luxury Casino casino games. There are however several different ways that players are able to access those games and this guide will enlighten you on what they are, and how to use the Zodiac Casino Login (click to play).

However, players are required to fist sign up as a new player if they do wish to play at this licensed and regulated casino site, and as such players do need to provide the casino with their own personal details when filling in the short registration form.


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Those details do need to be accurate, for much like all other fully licensed and regulated Casino Rewards casinos, the security team in place at this casino will use those details to verify your account, age, and identity and address, so make you do indeed fill in their registration form accurately!

Once that form has been filled in and submitted a username is then supplied to you and you will need to think up a password that will be in use on your account.  Please do select a strong password as you will not want anyone else to be able to guess it and access your account.

Instant Play Casino Login

To access the instant play gaming platform at Zodiac Casino you are required to do nothing more complicated than visiting their website and then logging in from there. However, you will be able to download the link to the instant play login page onto your desktop to make launching the instant play gaming platform much quicker.

Keep in mind that you are going to have access to hundreds of different types of casino games from each game category available to you when using the instant play login, so you will not have to make any compromises, as there will be plenty of games to play!

Also all of the bonuses that are on offer to players via the downloadable gaming platform will be available too, and you are also going to be earning comps when playing via the instant play gamin platform and the comp club is a generous one but the way.

A free play option is also available via the instant play login and as such if you simply want to test out any games you have never played before or play your favourite games for free then that is something that is easily achievable to all players.

Make no mistakes about it the range of games accessible via the instant play login are impressive and all of the games are of course supplied by Microgaming so the payout percentages and house edges and the game fairness are guaranteed and certified so a fair game is what you will be getting.

However, do read on for details of the other gaming platforms that players can access as a player at the top rated and fully licensed and regulated Zodiac Casino site as some of them may be of more appealing. 

Login for the Downloadable Gaming Platform

To access the downloadable gaming platform at Zodiac Casino you first have to download the software onto your computer. Be aware that the software package is a large one due to the huge number of games available so it may take a little while to download.

It is going to be worth the wait though due to the hundreds of different games you available to players of that gaming platform. By downloading the software for the very first time when players click on it to launch it they will be prompted to sign up as a new player.

When doing so they have the option of picking one of several different languages as the one to have in place on their account and they will also have a choice of different currency settings that will be in use on their account.

Once registered as a new player and having decided on a password then they can log into the casino either via the free play option or via the real money login, all of the games available apart from the progressives can be played for free, so players can test any of the games they like the look of for free.

Bonuses are going to be credited to player’s accounts when they have been offered them instantly once they make any qualifying deposit, so they will never be any delays in getting bonuses credited to their accounts, which makes a nice change from casinos that take ages to credit bonuses!

The banking interface on the downloadable gaming platform at Zodiac Casino is linked into the main platform, so players do not have to login to a separate banking interface if and when they wish to make a deposit or a withdrawal from their account and plenty of payment methods are on offer.

Zodiac Casino Mobile App

There are a slightly lower number of casino games on offer to players when they download and make use of the Zodiac Casino app, however there will certainly be enough games on offer via that app to keep ever player busy!

By downloading the app onto any type of modern day mobile device, which isn’t going to take very long at all, players then will need to launch the app for the very first time and will then be prompted to register as a new player.

However, the login for the mobile app will be the same as for the online gaming platforms, so if any player does already have an account at Zodiac Casino then their log into details for the online casino version of that casino site will allow them to login to their mobile app.

The deposit options in case you are wondering are the same when using the mobile app as are on the online platform, so players will still have the maximum choice and range of banking options available, including all of the same withdrawal options too.

In case you are also wondering, you are going to have the ability of playing the mobile casino game son offer via the app for free and at no risk too, so players can always play them for fun if they so desire.

The payout percentages and all of the house edges that are going to be attached and on offer on any of the mobile games are the exact same ones as are found on all of the Zodiac Casino online games which does mean that players are going to have access to some of the highest paying casino games that are always going to be giving them plenty of pay backs and winning payouts when playing any of them!

Login to Zodiac Casino and Claim Several Bonuses

Now I do know that players love claiming lots of different types of bonuses, and Zodiac Casino is famed for giving their players some of the more unusual types of bonus offers mixed in with some of the more commonly available types of bonuses.

So by choosing to play at this top rated and fully licensed casino site players do get plenty of different promotional offers to pick and choose from, but they are never forced upon players, as they can choose whether to accept or reject any bonus offer to them.

The one thing that does however make a bonus claimable and a true valued bonus are a set of terms attached to them that ensure you get a very fair and a reasonable chance of winning, which it does have to be said not all bonuses offered by other casinos of offer!

All of the terms and any extra playing rules that are associated with the bonus offers at Zodiac Casino have been written in such a way that they are going to give all players more than enough chances of winning with them and if you do win they will pay out very quickly and not put caps on how much you can win with their bonus credits.

As a real money player at Zodiac Casino no matter which of their hundreds of casino games you do end up playing, each game you play off will earn comp points, and those points can then be exchanged for playing credits, which also come with a fair set of playing rules.

But as the end of the day never forget that this casino put the player in charge of whether they do indeed claim any bonuses or instead choose to play with their own money instead!

Zodiac Casino Comp Club Login

The comp club available a Zodiac Casino is a generous one, once you log into your casino account you do have direct access to the comp club, and from there you can then see just how many comp points that you have accumulated and will be able to redeem any points by turning them into playing credits too.

The redemption for turning comp points into playing credits is instant so they do always show up in casino accounts once requested, there will be no unfair terms and conditions attached to playing off comped playing credits as the comp play rules are very fair and liberal.

The more you do play however the more points one will earn, and it is not going to be the amount of cash a player loses that will determine how many comp points award credited to their comp club account.

It is the total volume of wagers placed that determine how many points are awarded, and as such those players how do manage to recycle their bankroll the most will get more points as a result, even though they are winning!

The games players should be on the lookout for to ensure they get plenty of play time and may be able to recycle their initial and original bankroll lots of times are the ones that has the highest payout percentages or the very lowest house edges, and often the games that do also boast a low variance type of design and playing structure too.

However, you never know when Lady Luck is going to smile on you, and that is what makes playing at Zodiac Casino so very exciting, for quite out of the blue a huge winning payout could come your way which is what every single player will be looking for when gambling online of course!

Zodiac Casino is the Best Casino

No matter what types of casino game you do wish to play or when you want to play them you will find that your Zodiac Casino login is going to give you access to by far and away the biggest and best range of casino games.

As all of the payout percentages and the house edges are known and published on every single game Microgaming have to offer then as a player looking up that information and spotting which are the best paying games is going to be an absolute breeze.

With more and more new casino games launched each month the range of games accessible to players does continue to grow and those new games always come with something new and never seen before.

That could be a new bonus game on a slot, a  new payout structure on a card or casino game, or even some form of new playing format on a new video poker game variant, so do checkout those new games for added  entertainment and plenty of winning opportunities too.

If there is one thing I do know players love about playing at Zodiac Casino it is the generosity of the management team who have instructed the promotions team to constantly dream up and churn out some of the most generous bonuses that are available at any casino sites.

So for the maximum playing value, more winning opportunities and bags more fun and entertainment I would advise players to bag as many of those bonuses and going promotional offers as is possible and there will never be any shortages of them available!